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THE GIFT                                                                                NOEL HARROWER And we are gifted through our minds to scan the universe, through telescope and microscope to study stars and spores – to see connections in life forms to note them, quote them, illustrate through Darwin’s book and Marten’s brush the story is retold. Attenborough on the screen, Bill Oddie in the field the world of birds and fish are told – the interlocking life of worms – our place in it revealed. We are one species on this earth. What other has the gift to see the context of each tree each bush, each flower, each bee? Yet, like the dinosaurs before, we tear and we destroy – we foul the soil in which we’re born. defile land, sea and air. Man’s been here over a million years and lived sustainably  until two centuries years ago, when engines were deployed. Then we sought conquest for ourselves not caring for our earth and we forget to use the brain that each child’s been loaned at birth. ____________________________________________                           
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