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               Star over Bethlehem    Nativity Play    1958   Performed: Catford C of E. (Written at the request of Roger Grainger who produced the play.) Also performed at Solihull Parish Church in 1967 The Voice of the People  Performed on Human Rights Day 1968 by the Birmingham United Nations Youth Assn (Written at the request of Sheila Parkes, Central Regional Officer UNA for the  20th Anniversary of the Launch of the UN Charter of Human Rights and  performed at Birmingham Cathedral in the presence of the Lord Mayor) Samson Biddolph’s Fun and Laughter Show A history of the Nottingham Lacemarket Theatre. Halifax Lane, Nottingham compiled and produced by Noel Harrower and friends.              1971 Blackout     (A one act play about the Nottingham Blitz)          1973             A rehearsed reading in the Lacemarket Theatre, Nottingham Centenary (A one act play for the centenary of the Southwell Diocese) 1975              A rehearsed reading in the Lacemarket Theatre, Nottingham                 The Siege of Mafeking Street  3rd prizewinner in Nottingham and Notts Drama                              Association Original Play Festival 1984                              West Bridgford A.D.S. Nottingham Fair  with music by Leslie Emmans              (Written for the Chairborn Players and performed at Chilwell School Theatre)                                                          1985 Blow the Man Down  a folk musical, written with John Crawford    (Performed by the Nottingham Cooperative Society Youth Theatre    1986 2nd prizewinner in Nottingham and Notts Drama Association original play fest. Worlds Apart  A Winner of the Nottingham Theatre Original Play Competition Performed in workshop at both Nottingham and Derby Playhouses   1988 Goin’ Places  written with John Holloway             A rehearsed reading at Long Eaton Theatre          1991 After the Storm  performed in workshop at Long Eaton Theatre    1993 Kingdom Come  performed in workshop by Wakefield Cathedral Players                                                         1998 Exmouth at War  rehearsed reading at Glenorchy URC           2010 
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