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HALLUCINATIONS                                                                NOEL HARROWER After the amputation, came the morphine: I knew nothing and felt nothing, but later – when I came to – there were hallucinations. Shadows on my sheets became fearsome green lizards and in the bedclothes lurked blood-sucking red snakes waiting to pounce. The visitors to the patient in the bed beside me became enemies of the state. I called out to them that I was on a mission to save the world from greed and over-consumption,  and this disturbed the ward. I was awarded a private room, but this became a vehicle which travelled through the night, and turned itself on its side. Somehow, I was pinioned to the walls and could only remain upright by clinging to ropes. I visited war zones where people cried for help. I could only offer them a prayer that morning would bring peace.                     THEY CALL IT PHANTOM PAIN                                       NOEL HARROWER I know my leg was amputated a month ago, that I have no right calf and foot – and yet these parts throb with energy, crushing, biting vitality and pain, as if a crocodile were chewing them. How can this be? When I look I see a barren stump, which does not pain me. Below, an empty space reaches to the floor. Yet there are times when the pain goes away and I get a sense of absence. These times are growing day by day, and the teeth are reduced to pins and needles. Perhaps a promise of tomorrow.
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