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Wash mindfully at rise of dawn; cold water in the bowl, and feel the fabric as you dress and taste the break of fast. So watch that rising morning sun And let it warm your face. You will not come this way again Or ever run this race. Hear birdsong on that walk to work and sense the morning’s grace and name each tree and watch those clouds in their processional  race.   Now is the only time we have, today the act is done tomorrow is a hopeful wish and yesterday has gone. And at the closing of this day Sleep gently in your bed. You wrote your script and played your role So, every line’s was said.                                                               Noel Harrower                                                               Awakened 5.30 am.   Monday, 2 December 2013 with the title   in my head. Had to get up and write it down   before it faded. The poem followed.     Back to bed in the dark at 7 am, shivering.   Revised in morning light......   and again when I found it lost, two years later,   in the computer memory bank.                                                          N.H.
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