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WALKING THE LABYRINTH                                        NOEL HARROWER The labyrinth at Seaton lies high above the town – a place to pace, and ponder the mystery of these cliffs … red triassic, white cretaceous. Life-forms lingering in time. Suppose our first steps represent that age when life evolved in systems and in forms, and our last steps touch the modern age in which we’ve now been born – then we’ll reach the spiral centre when all life lies under seas. All flowers and trees. all flying things and animals, appear towards the end and the human race awakens in the final thirteen steps. And all we know in history lives in a single pace. Can this be true?  Why should this be? Is this a dream - or fact? And does this knowledge teach us all how we should interact? Why did our consciousness evolve? and do we have a task? And can we open paths before the closing of the night? We may not have the answers but the questions must be asked, for we’ve the power to reason, find connections – and then write!
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